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 illustrated by Thomas Brunning


Take the kids on an educational adventure at Andsoforth Junior’s Around the World in 80 Days Book Workshop!
Learn about one of the most famous books ever written by the father of science fiction, Jules Verne.
Expect to visit replicas and reimagined places like an old theatre from London, a ship travelling from Egypt to Bombay,
a jungle in Kolkata, a train from Hong Kong and Japan’s oldest and largest coal mine. Be met with workshop facilitators
who will talk about characters from the book and teach hands on activities for a truly one of a kind educational experience.


For Ages: 3 to 10

Parent or adult must accompany children who are 7 and below.
All attendees (Adults & Children) are required to purchase tickets.
Children 2 and below come for $1

Duration: 75mins

Location: 16 Lorong Ampas (Warehouse16) 

Each session will have a maximum capacity of 15 attendees all socially distanced.


There will be no food samples given for this workshop. 

Immerse. Interact. Play.

ANDSOFORTH JUNIOR aims to bring quality content in the form of immersive experiences to young audiences. Taking traditional formats and inserting them into modern day context that is easy, fun and palatable for ages from 2 and above. 

We want people to express themselves and be sociable in a controlled and safe environment. 

We have made it our mission to tell stories in our imaginative way, taking you into the world words create and placing you into physical sets with live actors who interact with you and react to your actions and words. 

Play and get immersed in our worlds and hopefully take away with you a dream, some morals and maybe even become a better human being.

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Wonderland [Blog post by My Preciouz Kids]

Wonderland [Blog post by My Preciouz Kids]


All in all, it was a one off a kind experience for both myself and the kids. For 45 minutes we were in a different world partaking in a tea party, a trial , song and dance and very close interactions with all the cast!

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